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Grrr PNG AIR fuel policy or lack of?

I hear via the jungle drums that png air have changed their fuel policy to one where should an alternate be required, they only have to arrive at the alternate with 30 mins fixed reserve.
No allowance for variable reserve or approach fuel on the atln sector. Apparently casa png have allowed this.

I am talking about a turbo prop operation here, For as long as I can remember Turboprop ops in PNG were required to carry 45 FR and 15% contingency fuel(jet ops are 30 FR and 10%) The reason for the difference being the much slower flight times by prop aircraft.

There have been numerous cases where the idiot at PNG Air responsible for the policy change has landed with low fuel lights on at remote locations, an accident waiting to happen.

I also hear that a flt was dispatched out of Lihir with only 1 flight attendant on board for 71 passengers, totally illegal.

Casa PNG needs to get on the case.

I am pretty sure that the PNG CAR and CAO have been breached in both cases, there will be an accident before long.
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