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Originally Posted by Cornish Jack View Post
The UK electorate were not to be fooled again and that is why the Labour Party has had itís ars! right royally spanked and given back on a gold plated, copper bottomed platter.
Now there 's a classic example of how members of the population can be led to believe in something which, with a little thought and investigation can be established as being untrue. The electorate were totally fooled again and the 'why' of the result was down to a corrupt electoral system ... count votes for the Tories as against the total for other Parties ... difficult in JB, for some reason, but well worth the effort!
Given YT's grasp of maths, he/she will, no doubt, agree with the Beeb's pronouncement that increasing a Party's vote count by over 1.3 million was a total wipeout! (the triumphant, overwhelmingly popular Buffoon-followers managed a fifth of that number, but who's counting!)
Thinks : I wonder if the UK's position in the World Education League table is a contributory factor in citizen innumeracy?
I would offer you a fulsome reply, but as you have fallen into the remainer spurious insult trap I won't engage.
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