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And welcome to the UK. now on course to become a full fledged right wing junta in it's own right.

I appreciate that, not only on here, but across the UK the result has exceeded your wildest dreams.....for the autocratic, the smug, the arrogant, the bullies, those with nothing but their own selfish interests at heart, last night will be celebrated and enshrined in their minds.....until, that is, the promises start to unravel and the effects of the policies start to impact on their lives.

This shouldn't take too long really. Once we've left the EU, more jingoistic euphoria can be expected on the day, there still remains those "promises" Boris made and which will now mysteriously be watered down, ignored or simply and conveniently forgotten. And, five years is more than adequate to get involved in a conflict somewhere on the globe, depends entirely on when, and where, Trump decides.

For those who feel they are immune from the effects of both leaving the EU, and Tory policy, enjoy the delusion while you can. It will be too late to start protesting "but I voted Tory in 2019, " in the not too distant future.

The rest of the world will also now be aware the UK has embarked on a self harming process and with a PM who lacks any international credibility......being wholly reliant on Trump for support.

Enjoy you fleeting moment of pleasure...chaps.
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