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pax britanica
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JB should really have done what TV does and give it a rest for the day. However
I still cannot see why someone who reads the guardian is by definition a communist -when someone who reads or looks at the Daily Mail isnt a fascist because they are far closer to extremism than those slightly left of centre.

I think we should have followed Finlands model
34 year old Woman Pm with 28 year old Finance Minister-also a woman . They lead a five party coalition all parties being lead by women. We have two extremely unapealign leadrs to choose from, one out of touch and a ditherer the other well just scum really , lied to Queen, lies every day in his speeches and is notorious for reneging on every promise he makes. Both too old and far too ingrained in out of date politics and never done an honest days work in their life-OK BJ was journo but most of what he wrote was lies as he got sacked by two of the papers he wrote for for making up stories

We badly need a change from the left/ right swings and roundabouts of UK politics especially this time where Labour want to take us back to the 1950s and the Tories want to take us back to the 1850s but fat chance of that whoever wins

Two totally distrustful leaders
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