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flying the backside of the power curve in a 737?

I'm not sure if this is too off topic, and I"m not sure where in PPRuNe this might better be posted. How easily is it to inadvertently end up flying on the back side of the power curve in a 737?

It almost sounds like this happened in a 2 year old incident in Russia, if anyone is familiar with it? Or maybe even the AirDubai accident? How possible is it to end up
flying on the wrong side of the power curve in a jet?

737-500 flying low on the approach path, with A/P OFF, and AutoThrottle ON.

Utair Boeing 737-500 on approach to Moscow Vnukovo.Federal air transport regulator has revealed that the aircraft was subjected to excessive pitch – up to 45° – and bank of 95° before the crew regained control.The aircraft (VQ-BJP) had been following a precision approach to runway 06 after a service from Krasnodar on 13 October.
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