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Originally Posted by OldnGrounded View Post
I haven't done the research on the MAX-10, so this is a guess: Stretching the fuselage doesn't usually change the COG in relation to the wing chord very much (because it's important not to do that if you're not designing new wings), but it might well increase the authority of the H-stab and the elevators, so . . . more info needed.

IF we assume no significant change ( fore and aft ) of COG, then the lever arm ( distance to effective center of gravity or lift on the stabilizer becomes a bit longer. A longer lever arm ( disregarding for the moment certain possible aero effects) means that the stabilizer could have a smaller effective area to obtain the same up or down movement around the CG. If the area was the same as on the NG or MAX, then it seems likely the range of movement of the stabilizer up or down should be somewhat less than on the MAX or the NG.

Recognize that I am NOT an aero type and do not play one on TV. However I would like to feel comfortable that the real whiz bangs who have a voice and background and facts and data are allowed to make an input and not be chained by bean counters.

Somehow - I do NOT feel comfortable- As the cost of new tooling and design and testing issues appear to have been significant.

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