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Thank you for all your responses. I'm recallibrating my time-horizon as I type.

CPL(H)? Ok. I'll have to look into that more. As I say, I'm new so didn't realise there was an age 60 cut off. Did an Ironman for my 50th. Does that
count towards taking a few years off?

Exams/maps etc. Not too worried. I've got a first class degre in engineering and did and Msc last year and the brain still works.

Not working at the moment - in fact I'm a private detective so work comes along as projects and I've stopped taking on stuff for now - sabatical to get this done - so would fly during the day read/revise like mad during the evening. i'm used to hard work. Ran a company with Debroah Meaden for many years (for those Brits who know her) and that was not plain sailing.

Safe pilot in short time span training - point taken.

Medical - point taken. I'll get that done asap-.

Weather crap - point taken.

I'm learning as I go along and am very happy to be criticised. I respond positively to abuse and learn quicker!

My real aim is to just tell my 19 and 17 year old sons one day next year that I'd like to take them out for a day.. Then drop into Battersea Heliport, pick them up., whip them over London, then off somewhere for lunch.

By the way - does anyone know of anyone that might be looking to sell an R44 come Feb/Mar? Or a syndicate that needs another member? I'm based in London and depending on which woman is going to abuse me of an evening i either turn right or left at Hammersmith Broadway but either way 10 mins from Battersea.

Thanks everyone. I'll oush on for the end of Jan and let you know just how far short (or long should say) of that target.

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