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I have a question re EDI stand planning. I frequently use EZY from/to LGW and the flights frequently use gates 2/3/4. Yesterday afternoon the LGW was on gate 3 and the BRS on gate 2. Not only does this lead to loads of congestion as the arriving pax try to push past the pax queuing for departure (and yesterday the LGW and BRS queues got totally mixed up with each other) but it means that arriving pax have to walk the whole length of the departure lounge to get to domestic arrivals. Would it not make more sense to allocate gates nearer to domestic arrivals for these flights? It was not exactly busy yesterday afternoon - plenty of contact stands available. One other point re the EDI terminal - a nasty pinch point has been created between Weatherspoons and Burger King with pax walking in both directions causing congestion. I'm surprised the fire service allows it.
Probably because international arrivals 1 is closed mid week for the winter season. That means domestic flights are more likely to be assigned stands in the cul-de-sac when necessary, as international arrivals are all getting processed through international arrivals 2 on those days. Plus, stand 7 is out of use for the foreseeable, so one domestic stand down which also reduces options.
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