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RE fly,,,
As Wonkazoo mentioned, the key is having the nose sufficiently high.
BTW I seriously doubt that Bud Holland, of Czar52 fame, would have succeeded in rolling a B52 like he dreamed to do one day. Too flimsy wings, and spoilers only in my opinion.
This SLF recalls an airshow at Paine field in everett Wa ( 1960's) where one Bob hoover in a F-100 on takeoff - pulled up did a quick roll set down on runway for a moment and finished the takeoff with a high climb rate. Also ( and in this case may be faulty memory ) a comment ( in a bio about tex Johnson ? ) Tex had made a statement to the effect that every plane he had been seriously involved in he had ' rolled ' at least once. He was very involved in the B-52 program . . FWIW

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