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Well, Let it, if all the pilots knew about a new system and how it worked and under what conditions, then we prolly would not have lost over 300 souls. We prolly would not have to have sim training or anything else, although I personally would liked to have seen the "with and without" MCAS flight dynamics. You know. Some times the caution lights are not enough.

As of now, I do not believe any 737 sim can turn off MCAS so you can "feel" what the hell it was supposed to "augment". GASP! The whole damned system and its implemantaiton and secrecy and such infuriates me. If I were in the high purple in ALPA or carrier unions I would be a cable news star from day one after discovering MCAS was implemented on my plane.

Gotta back off here, so excuse me a bit.

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