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Originally Posted by BertieC View Post
Sowait for it.

I've been flying 9 days and have 7 hours, But I am on course to finish my PPL () early January as I am ramping up the hours from next week,

I've taken a lot of knocks recently (divorce finalised, cancer op ,mother committing suicide - all in the one week, a month ago) and so decided to change my life
and do what I've always dreamed of doing. I have the money but I want to qualify fast. And fast usually means you pay a premium which is why I should have been more accurate
and said I'm looking for a not expensive fast way to do this.

I'm 55 and so speed is important!

Thanks for your replies. Keep them coming.
Speed kills.
If you would be able to finish early January (which you won't with UK winter weather and other factors) then you should really question yourself about the quality of the course and how safe you would be as a pilot.
You will need to study for the theory exams, you can take a shortcut doing a 5 day theory (answer) course to get the exams out of the way but that means another 5 days gone, no flying.
With no shortcut you'll need to study at night for the exams since you'll be flying during the day. That doesn't leave much time to practise navigation planning, revise exercises etc.
Then there is the fact that not many students finish in 45 hours, you might be lucky but I would put my money on 60 hours which is still a good average. Many older students are slower taking in the theory, struggle a bit more getting it all to a good standard. I would aim for end of February/March and that still sounds ambitious...
You might have luck on your side and get it all done early January but ask yourself how much do you really understand and remember about the aircraft, the weather, navigation etc.
Since you want to go for a CPL, make sure you have a good foundation (PPL), it will make your CPL easier and most likely make you a better pilot and keeping the sky safer.
There have been other pilots who threw money into the training school to get the PPL quicker, most of them didn't enjoy the license that long....
But regardless of the above, best of luck with the PPL. Hope you're flying at a place where they give you good training and support and not just fly and take your cash.
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