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Agreed, Old.... lottsa trust gaining on heah, ya think?

The comment about pitch up potential has merit, and I remain to be convinced that MCAS was simply a kludge to keep control force vs AoA gradient within requirements. Most folks associate pitch up problems with T-tails, but that ain't always the case. Ask PEI, our resident test pilot. The stick shaker is not anti-stall aerodynamics, but MCAS is close to an anti-stall feature. I flew two that had actual flight control limits to stay outta trouble, although the Voodoo gave plenty of warning when subsonic. The Voodoo "manual command signal limiter" worked when autopilot was not used, and it took over 60 pounds to overcome. Sounds like the 737 control column switches that overcome the A/P or STS or..... So I could keep pulling even tho HAL was telling me not to.

Oh well, just some thots from an old aviator.

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