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Originally Posted by gums View Post

India's actions seem rather harsh and maybe even unnecessary.
I think what we're seeing -- and not just from India -- is that both Boeing and the FAA have lost the trust of much of the world -- and other CAAs aren't willing to take the risk of accepting those organizations' judgments and decisions without being seen to do their own verification. Even regulators who privately accept that Boeing/FAA are doing the right thing with the MCAS fix are going to be reluctant to let their public see them as rubber-stamping the work of the Americans.

I personally would have no problem with jumping into one of the jets a year ago, with all its warts and all, if I knew the MCAS was installed and how it worked and having a simple light on the fault panel that said "MCAS" when the system was activated.
I think most here would probably agree with that, although it might also be nice to hear about the pitch-up characteristics of the bare airframe in various parts of the envelope.

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