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TD - I think he's confusing type certification with issuance of a new airworthiness.

Some of your details weren't correct:

Every aircraft delivered out of the Boeing production system receives either a new standard airworthiness certificate or an export certificate of airworthiness. All flying done prior to the issuance of one of those types of certificates is done under an experimental certificate issued for one or more stated purposes (R&D, show compliance, crew training, etc.) or under a special flight permit for production acceptance testing. Both an experimental certificate and a special flight permit are forms of special airworthiness certificate. An aircraft can receive a standard C of A if the inspector judges the airplane is "in condition for safe operation," so for the most part any AD for which a notice of public rule making (NPRM) was issued and a long compliance time is set does not necessarily need to be complied with prior to the AD's compliance deadline. It's decided case by case and is up to the inspector in consultation with the ODA and FAA. Export can be more problematic if the receiving country insists on full AD compliance. Of course, the customer prefers the AD work be completed before delivery and Boeing usually does it if they can. An airworthiness certificate can be surrendered, suspended, revoked, or terminated via an expiration date if one is set in the certificate.

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