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Originally Posted by Lookleft View Post
So I'm confused. Do young people not fly because its expensive and the people associated with it are old and boring, or do they not fly because the mode of propulsion is associated with climate change? You actually negate one part of your argument with the other.
No I actually donít. There are advantages to marketing recreational electric aircraft to young people as an alternative to older generation aircraft.

Electric aircraft have the ability to increase the affordability of flying. Therefore would improve itís appeal to younger people.

And although a lot of people posting here would laugh at this, the truth is a lot of young people are quite concerned about the environment and their emissions, so promoting electric powered vehicles would appeal to them.

Now would electric aircraft draw the interest of a younger crowd? Notwithstanding those two points which I believe will attract more younger people, those associated with the development of this new aircraft are a bit younger than your typical GA enthusiast.

The creator of that YouTube channel is a young Australian in his 20ís, who creates videos about technology and innovation. He has a massive subscriber base and his view counts reach into the millions, and a great proportion of them younger people. And heís directly promoting an Australian Aviation startup. This could be the most exposure Australian GA has been given to a younger audience in a long time. People here should be fully supporting his efforts.

Better to support these young Australian entrepreneurs who are trying to promote cost effective and emissions friendly recreational aviation to young peoplewith their own innovative startup, than trying to lobby governments to legislate to keep their dying industry alive.
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