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Originally Posted by machtuk View Post
Actually that's a fair assumption of how the youth of today are trending. Another generation or three & the youngsters of tomorrow won't be coming from a family where someone flew. I have numerous nieces & nephews and they have many friends none of them as far as I know show any interest in flying.
I also have 3 offspring, all well & truly grown up none of them where the slightest bit interested in flying (thank Christ!). Us old codgers will just fade away:-(
Flying for leisure or professionally? I still think thereís a bit of interest in professional flying as a career in youth, maybe they have different expectations of a career compared to previous generations.

I was more thinking of a millennialís interest in flying for leisure/recreation. Once upon a time you could take a few mates for a weekend away in a light aircraft. Nowadays for a weekend away in a beaten up light aircraft thatís about 50 years old the hire rate alone could get you two weeks in SE Asia airfares, accomodation, food and spending money. What do you think the more cost savvy youth in times of higher debts and less job security will be attracted to?

No offence to those of advanced years, but aero and flying clubs seem to be mostly dominated by older generations. Younger people really donít want to spend their spare time amongst a much older crowd.

Itís got nothing to do with ďlazyĒ millennials, if anything I think millennials work longer and harder, itís just their attraction to recreational aviation is declining. It may be at a point where it canít be turned around and soon thereíll be no great interest in private flying anymore.
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