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Originally Posted by tdracer View Post
BTW, for all the Boeing bashing going on, I notice this little tidbit apparently escaped notice:

In other words, Boeing had previously done the 1.5x pressurization test - and passed. Then, although it's not a regulatory requirement, they again pressurized the fuselage to 1.5x when they did the wing ultimate load test - when it failed at 99% of target.
That much was reported soon after the event:

Door blows off Boeing 777X during stress test

"A door blew off a Boeing 777X as the new plane was undergoing what was supposed to be its final structural inspection by federal regulators.

The test is meant to push the plane beyond its limits. Engineers had the plane pressurized and on the ground. They loaded it up well beyond capacity and bent its wings in an extreme manner, in a way almost certain to never happen in the real world."

Though the combined test was subsequently denied by another poster

Originally Posted by Smythe View Post
Point of clarification here.

The wings were NOT being tested at the SAME TIME as the cabin pressure test.

They were simply doing the cabin pressure test while it was on the stand. (which was prudent, given the results)
who subsequently declined to cite any evidence for that assertion.
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