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Originally Posted by lomapaseo View Post
My understanding is that this was not a fit-for-flight test article that failed and only a test used for extrapolation of some proposed features. Surely the final aircraft configuration will meet all the published requirements.applicable to growth airframes validated by many hours of safe-flight experience.

Before condemning the FAA. and Boeing perhaps the posters could cite specific exceptions to a rule that applies in this case.

Geeze- a simple check and knowledge re structural ( static ) test or even videos of 777 test in the mid 90's would make it obvious that the test to 1.5 times design or ' ultimate ' wouild reveal that the article under test was NOT designated or assembled for eventual flight. Airbus does different - but Boeing has never used the structural test article for flight. Usually the structural test article is amoung the first three airframes built. One for structural, one for fatigue test, and one for flight. For example, the first 767 built was for flight test and later sold to United. The second was for static test, the third for fatigue test. By the time of static test, about a half dozen 767 were already in various stages of assembly.
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