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This is addressed to pittspecialguy:
I am not a pilot. I do not pretend to be a pilot. I would not normally intervene, but you might like feedback on your intervention on your customers' customers, pax.

I now conclude that Boeing would rather deal with its problems by hiring internet trolls and professional debaters to attack its critics, than to address issues at source.

I once had to persuade myself that it was, actually, perfectly all right to fly on an aeroplane even if it wasn't made by Boeing. Now, I shall avoid Boeing aircraft whenever possible (except, of course, the 747).

It is not a question of personalities: the failures of Boeing, like those of many once-good companies, is the modern doctrine that the only target for a company is maximizing shareholder value, and the tendency to judge this on a very short timeframe. So it is a legally mandated requirement for management, NOT to put safety as a first priority, but to consider how many accidents to tolerate before the cost of compensation exceeds the cost of avoiding them.

Some people I know call this the crisis of late, or financial, capitalism. Some people think it is a result of the demonstrated tendency of management structures to encourage the rise of people with sociopathic tendencies. I wouldn't know. I just know that attacking the people who have to fly the things doesn't increase my confidence in the company you apparently love.
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