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Originally Posted by Less Hair View Post
If I'd be the Boeing CEO I'd start the next narrowbody development program ASAP.
Already done (bar sorting out the regulators, no worries, we're good at that) - bought Embraer.

Bit of stretching and squeezing and we'll soon have the E2 (or whatever we call it - E-Max?) with enough seats to cover most of 737 market, it's also FBW from the start so no flight control problems from changes, oh, and it has yokes not sidesticks which is good, sidesticks would damage our image and credibility, retrofitting yokes would have been expensive.

With an updated, and slightly down-sized, narrowbody option we should have room for a New Midsized Aircraft, maybe, if we can afford to design it, and if we can build it to a price that competes with A321 but doesn't take 787 sales. That is the tough call.
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