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Originally Posted by Fitter2 View Post
read a (genuinely) independant view:

Fitter, have you read what you link to ?
From the start this simple phrase :
The Conservative manifesto launch launch was dominated by the theme of getting Brexit done to allow the Government to refocus on the ‘people’s priorities’, including the NHS, schools, policing and investment in infrastructure.
demonstrates a total lack of comprehension - or honesty - about what Brexit is all about.

"Get Brexit approved by Parliament" might be just a matter of months now.
"Get Brexit done" is another matter, and might very well take years, a decade or even a generation...
The withdrawal agreement is just the end of the beginning. Once it is implemented, and only then, will the survival agreements need to be negotiated.
After that, when you're back to an economic situation more or less equivalent to the present one, then you'll be able to concentrate on NHS, education, police, infrastructure etc.
If there's some money left, that is...

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