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This is all very interesting and in accord with what I remember my father saying. Thanks, everybody!!There are references to "Pegasus" in the lecture notes so that confirms what version of aircraft he was on.

The notes include several diagrams of the VP propeller mechanisms but from what I can see there is no mention of there being just two settings. Maybe there were lots of variations.

I remember Dad talking about it being easier to take off in choppy water than calm, which is counter-intuitive at first sight, and about planing "on the step" and - hopefully - coming "unstuck". Also wasn't "alighting" onto calm water quite difficult? Hard to see the surface and judge when to flare?

I seem to remember that much of the patrolling was flown at 1000 feet - must have been bumpy. You would need a strong stomach to survive particularly if your mates were doing the cooking! Must have been wonderful views though, when there was something other than sea to look at!

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