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A fascinating thread about an aircraft and service branch that (to me at least) doesnt get the credit for playing a critical part in WW2 -keeping the Atlantic open.
I was interested to read of the rather demanding takeoff requirements as I have spent alot of time in Bermuda in my carer and the Great Sound, the large inlet running West to East in the centre of the Island was a flying boat base in WW2 . I do not know if Sunderlands operated from there but it must have been a challenge as although it is long enough it is littered with islands and obstacles and very capricious winds as well as having very few takeoffs towards open sea. Bermuda is not exactly mountainous but none of it is flat (except the airport and thats almost all reclaimed) and most take off directions would face some obstacle so it must have been a real challenge in a Sunderland fully armed and fuelled to the brim for an ocean patrol.

On a smaller scale I had an Airfix Sunderland model which when finished was great - had a lot of moveable bits including the run in run our depth charge system. It was also made of white plastic so not much painting. On the downside the high wings and as all modells know you need to make up some form of support to stop them sagging while the glue dried. Thanks for a fascinating thread
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