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Originally Posted by Jc31
what crewing issue? Seems to be a common thread that network struggles to crew flights when in reality we could do a heap heap more flying if required.
also the busses are growth not replacement. No plan to retire the Fokker as they make them too much money.
Crewing from a perspective of taking over an entire other airlineís flying, which is what some posters here allude to. Plus thereís a quite a few NA crew on the mainline hold file, and probably a lot more who want to go. Not many mainline pilots applying for other airlines.

No retirement plans for the F100 but canít keep them around forever. Getting quite long in the tooth now, a lot manufactured almost 27 years ago and Fokker havenít exactly been providing product support lately. Dispatch reliability not as good as mainline. OK for FIFO but not transcon RPT. No secret that JQ werenít exactly sad to palm off those specific 320s to NA as well.

As far as growth goes where exactly will that growth be too? The only growth I can see is DRW-ASP and at the end of the day that was ultimately at the expense of the Cobham DRW guys. Iíd say any more growth for NA would be at the expense of those guys more than anything else.

In regards to the fact that qf could have done it years ago? So youíre saying that because something could have happened before it means it is to never happen in the future?
Anything could happen on the future, but the likelihood of NA taking over all mainline flying as some have suggested is so remote itís not worth worrying about. Far greater chance of NA remaining static, to the point where itís all absorbed into mainline.
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