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Originally Posted by Nostoodian View Post
Great news, but Juneyao really need to aim to go direct as soon as possible. I don't understand why they couldn't have started with thrice weekly direct flights instead of routing through Helsinki. Must say I'm quite disappointed. Can anyone explain their logic?

Why would you choose to fly with Juneyao (who aren't very well known) over other airlines flying via hubs to Shanghai? Lots of competition on the Shanghai route from Manchester. Anyone know how long the stopover is in Helsinki? How does the travel time to Shanghai going via Helsinki compare with other hub airlines?

I always think it's a bit of a cop out when airlines & airports market routes as being direct, when they're not.
I would imagine because it changes the economics of the route as you can partially offset the costs with HEL-MAN passengers (as it appears to be fifth freedom), and then on the long haul bit passengers from HEL-PVG eat some of the costs, too.

As you say, they are unknown. Direct means charging a premium. If you're unknown, you can't do that. So you test the water gently.

There are other factors which may play. Unknown to western audiences, but not necessarily Chinese audiences. Filled with tour groups, perhaps, who appreciate direct (though not non-stop) on a carrier that speaks their language. And to the large diaspora/student group at the UK end, to them perhaps the brand is not unknown. The stop is, I would imagine, going to be an hour. Helsinki to China is a fairly efficient routing so I would be surprised if it killed the timing too much.

Would you also say that Manchester doesn't have a flight to Addis Ababa because it stops in Brussels first? Or, if they still exist, the hops on the end of Caribbean flights?

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