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If this is true (that's IF), can anyone tell me why these guys don't just call in sick? they must know if they are over limit, although I know it's rare, why does this still happen, why risk your job, career, everything? I just don't get it.
It could be that they had a few drinks and thought nothing of it. It doesn't take much to go over the limit, especially the morning after so you could think I will only have 3 pints then that is it and wake up the following morning over the limit.
Our limit here is 30mls and I think the limit for drivng a car is 80? I could be ok to drive a car but not for work and that may have happened in this instance. They may not have realised exactly how much they were over that morning.
At the moment though, they are just being questioned so they may not have been over the limit in the first place.
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