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Withdrawal of labour is a big undertaking and the system now is heavily stacked against organised labour.

Fair Work is "fair" in name only.

With CPI under quoting real lived inflation (as the definition excludes many necessities) and the "Accord" held "bargained" outcomes to CPI Real wages have gone only one direction: backwards.
Therein lies the problem. PIA is unfortunately tokenism as it can never be any sort of industrial action that can really have an impact. Deciding to launch PIA before any agreement has been reached and with only a portion of the labour force is tokenism taken to a new level. It is more about the politics of showing how tough the union is and reminds me of the displays of a silverback to a rival rather than a call to battle. What is really going on with the Jetstar EBA is a power struggle for the hearts and minds of the pilots. If it was about better conditions and lifestyle balance then there wouldn't be PIA over what is essentially a blankline roster.
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