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Originally Posted by Rated De View Post
Qantas IR is a huge empire. Creating conflict and dissent, pitting people against each other.

They will spare no expense to prove a point industrial. Economics, logic and common sense won't sway them it is ideology.
Bingo! The only weapon QF have is factional infighting between the different parts of the group. The only thing that will sway them from this tactic is direct proof that it doesnít work anymore. In my old company (Cobham) they dusted off the same old negotiation tactics for the last EA negotiations, pilots did exactly what they didnít expect and the agreement took a quantum leap forward. They are so afraid of the pilotsí ability to be cohesive that the new rhetoric is more vicious, less believable and more desperate than ever before. Negotiations donít start till next year.

Donít believe the bull$hit and STICK TOGETHER!!

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