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Right now throughout the Qantas Group (and Virgin) non operational staff on significantly less $$ than pilots are being handed letters and told to eff off by the 15th December. Meanwhile, those who are left need to figure out how to get the same work done with less people. Most of these people can only dream of $200k, let alone $300k.

As for wanting more than 3%, are you aware that the rest of the country is getting 2%?????
All of that is quite irrelevant. What matters is market forces. So what do RPT jet pilots get paid in Australia, what do they get paid in Asia, what are they paid in the US? Is there a surplus or is there a shortage? Are there barriers to entry so JQ canít easily train someone off the street?

These are the things that influence pilot remuneration, not national average wage growth figures. JQ conditions are behind their Group colleagues and behind their major competitors so clearly there is some catching up to do. JQ is making hundreds of millions in profit so they certainly have the capacity to afford it.

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