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Arthur D
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So someone in the negotiating team thought.... ‘I know, we’ll outsmart em, lets do PIA...... check mate Jetstar.’ I can just imagine the backslapping and grandstanding after 50 beers at the BP.

Really? Hats off for strategic thinking boys.

JQ will drag you through the media and internal Comms. Be prepared to experience the ire of the general public and your other work colleagues alike.

Moreover - are you ready for the bigger fight with the mother ship and its leader?

Right now throughout the Qantas Group (and Virgin) non operational staff on significantly less $$ than pilots are being handed letters and told to eff off by the 15th December. Meanwhile, those who are left need to figure out how to get the same work done with less people. Most of these people can only dream of $200k, let alone $300k.

As for wanting more than 3%, are you aware that the rest of the country is getting 2%?????
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