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Originally Posted by bulldog89 View Post

20k€ is a certain amount of money. It is also the sum LAUDA says to equal their expenses. It may differ from the real cost, and since they're asking you to certify that it's the correct amount (something you have no idea about) it probably isn't.
In any other industry training costs are part of the risk of making business, and such requests are just unthinkable and laughable. Just to put things into prospective: I know people without a high school diploma making 30k€/year, 8 hours/working day, 12 days off/month, living in their hometowns with their families, in a country with lower salary taxes and living costs than Austria's ones, no bond, no previous training costs to be repaid.

Anyway, you're not paying 10000€. You're paying 10000€ plus another 20000€ to allow you to leave the company at your discretion.

Again, during line training you're flying PAYING passengers, so the company is making money during your "training".

Anyone who had the opportunity to read an easyJet contract knows these two airlines aren't even comparable. They're just two different galaxies.
Thanks for the business lesson. If you read carefully, the English in the advertisement above, it is only 10k euros you pay.

I was merely pointing to the fact of the seasonal contract with EZY in PMI. None of them are great and I have not read both contracts no, I will not claim to know what they contain. Who would want to work for a company like easyJet anyway who promote positive discrimination and allow a very poor standard of cadet First Officers to join their company.

Anyhow I hope everyone who applied for RYR wouldn’t mind going for Lauda. Cadets are struggling to find jobs at the moment with all the experienced employed pilots swimming about. However RYR want to lay off pilots..? Not take on anymore. Just wait until those maxes come back into service. There will be a real shortage....
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