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Originally Posted by Nineshsimbers View Post
20,000 euros is what Lauda will pay for the training costs. It is in the ad above.
It is not.
The ad says YOU pay 10k€ and recognize your line training will cost Lauda 20000 €. This is just a legal basis to ensure you can be forced by a judge to pay the agreed bond. Without that they'd have to reveal the real costs and you'll be forced to pay just that, not a penny in excess.
Hard to demonstrate, as during your line "training" you'll be flying paying passengers...

Originally Posted by Nineshsimbers View Post
The usual perception is that 320 rated pilots should have it easy, not always. Aer Lingus opened up but aren’t taking people until next Spring/Summer, if at all...BA wont open up for a while due to the industrial dispute. EasyJet only have a seasonal contract in PMI (very bad contract). Working for Wizz air (if not LTN base) is conversion of license and Brexit has really screwed things up. Vueling have said people wont start until next summer or potentially in hold pool for 2021!! That being said, its all about right place right time in this industry.
320 pilots are the most employable in the market. If not please tell me who it is.

edit: If you think easy PMI is a bad contract I truly can't understand how could you even be considering Lauda...
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