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Originally Posted by 320busboy View Post
Generally we donít tow with doors open, amm allows or not. Places a lot of load on the knuckle in the hinge arm. They are generally worn anyway so the bumps donít help. Also more things hanging off the side donít help with clearance from stands. Cargo doors can be hanging vertical for a tow if needed.
Just a simple maintenance error and I feel sorry for the guys kicking themselves for the mistake. They would have been under pressure to move it and probably over worked and possibly tired. as long as the skin wasnít damaged or the door frame, bolt a new door and Hing arm and guide rods tig it and off you go 1-2 shifts if you have spares on hand. Send the door to the shop. Donít know if the 380 door is glare or alloy. The guys are human and make mistakes. Not because they came to work deciding to rip off a door. But because of a bunch of factors that led to the incident.
That was a really nice post mate.

Despite some snide remarks, keeping an airline going with the enormous KPI pressures from those in the ivory towers is not easy. The pilots cop it, the cabin crew cop it, and the engineers cop it. Iíve been doing this for a long time, and I can tell you, sometimes it takes larger balls than I can fit in my pants to tell some suit in an office that this is going to take a little bit longer than he thinks it should.
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