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Originally Posted by Krystal n chips View Post
Watching a programme about the Wall last night and was intrigued to learn one of the more innovative crossings was in a glider.

Now the programme showed a more contemporary type for obvious reasons, but I am curious if anybody knows the actual type that made this crossing please?

Getting a retrieve crew could have been a shade problematic if he'd made a field landing......
In the 70ies there were so plenty of them that the GDR prohibited sport flying for some time until they had installed the resources to snoop on the aviators and guard the airfields:
(Fixed Link)

However articles in the press seldomly mention the plane used. Here is one from 1979 I found.
SZD-30 "Pirat". This type is considered to be the Ka6 of the soviet zone.

Some more aviation related stuff:
Ikarus VOX II
The venerable AN2 of course
DIY hot air balloon
Engineer abducting a SU-7M. Not being trained on type, he decides on ejecting instead of trying to land.
Flight by highjacking
This guy was imprisoned before he could try his "experimental"

Nautically there are also have been a lot of intresting things going on.

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