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ATC as more capricious and vindictive than weather and terrain and in the unlikely event I was caught out I suggest itís not a simple choice to bust controlled airspace at all, despite what you may think.
So, sadly, it isnít going to stop until the law and unjust culture changes.
I suspect a good way to begin the culture change Sunfish refers to here - on an operating level - is a better mutual understanding of each others' roles. That means pilots visiting ATC facilities and ATCs going flying, in big or little cockpits. Sadly there hasn't been much opportunity to send ATCs on famil flights of late (yay, staffing) but there is a program running to facilitate pilot information nights at the two centres. NaFenn's strategy:
A phrase as simple as "due weather, request clearance direct ..." was enough to get a clearance organised - not necissarilly immediately (due IFR traffic or similar) however actually talking to the controller and telling them what you need can make all the difference. [snip]
In some situations, even the old "we have this issue, we are doing this" was enough to make things happen, the paperwork can be dealt with later - and if you have a good enough reason to do your own thing to stay safe... then you're good.
...is one of the big take-home messages at these nights. They run in Melbourne at least on an ad-hoc basis - contact details here: Pilot Information Nights | Airservices
It sounds to me like this is the sort of thing pilots like Sunfish might find valuable. A bit of mutual understanding goes a long way!
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