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Originally Posted by md-100 View Post
1) How much time do you have in each sitting?
2) does anybody know how many questions in each subject?

For your (1) that's not how it works. Subjects have time limits and certain question amount.

​​​​How each CAA applies that to each sitting is up to them but this is in general the answer you might be looking for:

Human P and L - 48qts 01:00Hrs
Principles of Flight - 44qts 01:00Hrs
Instrumentation - 60qts 1:30Hrs
Meteorology - 84qts 2:00Hrs
VFR Comms - 24qts 00:30Hrs
IFR Comms - 24qts 00:30Hrs
AGK. - 80qts 02:00Hrs
Performance - 35qts 01:00Hrs
Mass and Bal. - 25qts 01:00Hrs
Radio Navigation - 66qts - 01:30Hrs
Air Law - 44qts 01:00Hrs
General Navig - 60qts - 02:00Hrs
Flight Plan and Mon - 43qts 02:00Hrs
Ops Procedures - 45qts 01:15Hrs
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