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Deja Vu:
Sadly there are many relatively low time pilots prepared to risk encounters with terrain or weather rather than incur the wrath of CASA or ATC, this has been the case for far too long and needs to stop.
If the penalty for incurring the wrath of CASA or ATC was the equivalent of a speeding fine, no one would give it a second thought.

However the penalty is potentially the acquisition of a criminal record, becoming a felon, no reputation, no house, no family, no super, no flying, no firearms, no employment, no air travel and no overseas travel.

Like most rational adults, I regard CASA and ATC as more capricious and vindictive than weather and terrain and in the unlikely event I was caught out I suggest itís not a simple choice to bust controlled airspace at all, despite what you may think.

So, sadly, it isnít going to stop until the law and unjust culture changes.
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