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Originally Posted by Duchess_Driver View Post
Safety first. Learning objectives and value for the customers (training and fiscal). If the student isnít going to benefit then whatís the point?
Hear, hear. It surely also demonstrates to the student that airmanship includes the ability to say 'not today'. It brings to mind Helen Krasner's article in the October '19 edition of FTN about teaching airmanship by example.

TBH, I remain surprised at the lack of penetration into light aircraft training of modern flight simulation technology. A massive amount of (albeit not loggable) training experience can be built up on non-flyable days and evenings by an instructor giving lessons in any half-decent synthetic training device. When I abandoned a flying day at my microlight school, I'd offer to set up our simulator with "today's weather" - that'd usually satisfy the student that staying on the ground was a wise decision. What's more, the student made more progress in the simulator - which was usually carried through to the next real flight - for less expense than if they'd been taken up in near-limit conditions.
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