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Originally Posted by 34R View Post
How interesting.

There is no place for harassment or intimidation of any sort in any workplace.

Consider this..
Sunrise looks doomed.

Short and Long Haul EBA's are front and centre.

To facilitate the above, a requirement for pilots to be the bad guys in the eyes of the public.

QF pilots are now portrayed as misogynistic workplace bullies.

I can see where this is going.........
With well placed stories in the daily rags lamenting the "lack of agreement" on the "amazing Project Sunrise" pilots ought realise that this is now open season.

Obstructionist, kamikaze and now misogynist.

That airlines have a "gender inbalance" is ironically due to the reality that there actually are less women in aviation. Also less in some trades and under representation in the armed forces in some areas.
Is it that women choose other vocations? Yes, quite often it is. The US BLS conducted a long term longitudinal study in "the gender pay gap" finding a small one existed. The cause of it likely to be choice: Women were traditionally attracted to roles with less remuneration.

When the CEO openly states that it is now policy to hire more women pilots is it a surprise that there are more women pilots?

Didn't Qantas have a whole course of female pilots for International Women's day?
What an "amazing" coincidence that despite under representation in the industry, "the best pilots Qantas had on hold all happen to be women, all on International Women's day"

Once it was merit, now gender apparently matters.
Discrimination fixes apparent discrimination.
The mind boggles as to the crewing arrangement should these pilots decide that they would also like children.

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