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Completely separate, and of wider significance, is the aviation safety argument, which i will be compelled to outline publicly, as all of the information is already with Mr Carmody, and available to him as part of his decision making. I will certainly be publishing that on here. I am convinced that he also now making decisions placing his own interest ahead of aviation safety. The safety argument will not be stopped by anyone. Full stop.

Similarly, there is an ethics in Government, human decency, respect, bullying, intimidating, mental health etc argument. Admittedly that also is a safety argument, but im talking specifically about people acting reasonably with each other. Its just about being professional, well intentioned etc. That stems right from the top of an organisation, i know. Just like Mr Carmody, i was the CEO of an Organisation that was all about aviation safety. I diligently applied myself to my task, and acted with ethics. That argument will also continue on here. But it is the truth, it is in the public interest, and it does need people to really stand up and make a statement. Im no martyr, and i dont want to be "the one". I have an advantage over the rest of you. I have absolutely NOTHING left to lose. So that argument will continue, and i invite any media to contact me,
But Glen, they are going to argue that what they did to you was in the interests of the safety of air navigation. Some of them probably earnestly believe that’s true. That’s one of the reasons they are so dangerous to the industry.

They are just going to put a bunch of high sounding poppycock in a sentence that includes the phrase “safety of air navigation”, and every layperson will be on their side and not yours. CASA regulates on the basis of public perception and fear. CASA can make the public scared of you and grateful for CASA.

They asked you for evidence of the risk you assert, because they know you can’t produce it. The risks we are talking about are just at the margins of very low probabilities. CASA’s counter-productive activities merely move remote probabilities to less remote possibilities. The only way to prove that is to wait 10 years and a few hundred thousand flying hours.

This is why the flying public is so lucky that much of what CASA does has so little causal connection with safety outcomes. It is sickening that the businesses and careers and aspirations of so many are unnecessarily destroyed by CASA incompetence and zealotry, but the public doesn’t care. Their perception is that CASA is keeping them safe.
Have a lovely day Mr Carmody, i feel industry will lose confidence in you. I am on the cusp of formally writing to the PM, and accusing you of malfeasance in public office. Obviiously, you can initiate legal action on me, but that will only accelerate these matters being bought out in public
That’s a legal argument.

If you’d read the Polar Aviation / Clarke Butson Federal Court decisions that I spoon fed you at post #389 over 2 months ago, you’d know that your allegation will almost certainly crash and burn, as will most of the matters listed in your post #791 yesterday.

And what fool with any experience in industry would have had confidence in Mr Carmody in the first place? Confidence that he’d do what, precisely? (Though, when I come to think of it, Mr Carmody has done precisely what I was confident he would do. But I don’t think we’re talking about the same expectations.)

Please do less transmitting and more receiving. Start at the links in my post #389.

We’re on your side. We’re trying as best we can to focus your finite energy where it may be most productive for you and your supporters.
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