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Originally Posted by AnglianAV8R View Post
My earliest recollection of flying, actually my second ever flight, was an Argosy from khormaksar to Mombasa. I vaguely recall being allowed to look thru an observation window which i think may have been under the nose/cockpit area in an access panel/door ? The view was of pyramids along the Nile in Sudan. It seemed we had to fly a rather odd route due to diplomatic clearances (lack of) from countries who had the nerve to object to our colonial policies. How very dare they !
My first flight was on an Argosy, with the ATC flying from Cottesmore. I remember that door under the nose very well, after all these years. I was too sh1t scared to to put any weight on it , in case I fell out the aircraft! I also remember there was a switch nearby marked Bomb Release.
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