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I understand that PAW displays bearingless Mode C and S transmitters, and is trialling picking up Mode S with a bearing via the Open Gliding Network (OGN). This is also how PAW picks up FLARM transmitters. Unfortunately, the network of OGN rebroadcast ground stations is very patchy in Scotland but check coverage in your area.
That is why I still prefer PowerFLARM, which picks up FLARM transmitters directly and, of course, transmits to them too. It is a lot dearer though....
I also like that FLARM has built in collision avoidance algorithms but I believe that PAW does not.

In general, the virtual radar type displays are of little use, apart from entertainment value imho.
​​​​While flying, you do not need to know about all the (electronic) traffic around you but only the ones that might hit you!
In addition, you should still be looking out the window nearly all of the time not at a screen inside the cockpit. That is why audio alerts are so important (about the real threats). Incidentally, although my Lightspeed headset has Bluetooth, I connect it's audio input (on battery box) by wire to PowerFLARM audio output for audio alerts. The other reason for looking out the window is that a lot of traffic still does not have electronic conspicuity (or incredibly, does not have it switched on) or the signal is not compatible with what you can pick up. And then, of course, there are drones and flocks of birds and the views!
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