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Originally Posted by Antonio Montana View Post
Which is great news for those affected by the demise of TCX, but this alone means nothing, people can always change types.

Until there is an official announcement, it remains a rumour.

Jet2 have got where they are by being very careful, this seems a bit too risky to me. I cannot imagine Philip Meeson doing this.
It does remain a rumour.

I would say the PM wants his business to grow and knows the difficulties the aviation industry is currently having; MAX grounded, 737-800 mid life market dried up and now an opportunity to expand into the old TC playgrounds of MAN and BHX with GLA/NCL/EMA thrown in for good measure. It will be too tempting. With this in mind; no TC around anymore i'm sure they've thought long and hard and believe it is a good enough opportunity not to miss. The B757's are ageing, the spares market is limited, and this is the perfect opportunity, i would say, for the airline to see if the A321 (220) fits within their fleet. They've had experience of running 2 separate fleets side by side (one large one small) so whilst adding a 3rd in the mix in the short term seems madness if it pays off as a replacement of the 757 it is a success.

Having recently just seen their share price - i trust that whatever is going on in the group and at board level is approved by many. Their current share price is 12.36 versus TUI share price of 10.49.
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