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Giving up- NOT AN OPTION

Good morning all, and yet again thanks for the support.

Let me be very clear.

The inappropriate conduct of the four personnel in CASA has cost me everything. I worked with CASA for years building APTA and getting it approved. I attended to every new legislative requirement that they placed on me.

The complete policy backflip has left me without a home, and my life savings gone. At 55, no bank is going to give me a home loan. I cannot walk awy from this, because I will be subjecting my wife to abject poverty until her last day.


Mr Graeme Crawford, Mr Craig Martin, Mr Jason McHeyzer, and Mr Brad Lacy will have the opportunity to defend their conduct, as will the CASA board.

The day of reckoning approaches.

Every cent that everybody has so generously donated will be used to provide the opportunity for them to defend their conduct.

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