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From a post on Facebook a while ago... might be helpful:

"Hello everyone, this is probably my last post on this group considering I left the company this past week. Throughout the years everyone here has been really helpful so before I go I’d like to give it back by leaving some useful information regarding the resignation process, once I could not find similar information on the web I ended up experiencing some very frustrating situations due the lack of knowledge about the whole process. So I hope the key points bellow can help people in the future to have a smoother experience than I had.

* Plan ahead your resignation date. We all know if you are not whiling to pay to leave early a 3 months notice period is required. So be aware that depending on how long you worked for QR some benefits will be impacted, meaning that if you've joined the ISP for example only after 5 years you will be entitled to withdraw 100% of the company contribution, if your last day of work falls only one day short of completing 5 years of service you will loose lots of money. Also at completion of 3 years you will be entitled 12 ID90 to be used up to one year after your last day of work plus one ZED with 3 months validity. Also take into consideration any tranning bond you signed, this will be deducted from you on a pro-rata bases.

* Plan your finances, you will need to payoff all loans and credit cards debts in order to get a clearance letter from the bank. Most important be aware that after canceling the credit card the bank will only issue a clearance letter after 45 days (at least if you hold an account with Al Khaliji). Because my credit card was cancelled I left a good amount in my checkin account to be used used with the debit card to pay for things in Doha and on layovers.

* Once you planed your resignation date you can e-mail the fleet secretary informing that you’d like to submit the resignation. She will requested a letter to be delivered directly to the fleet manager which in turn will conduct a very short interview before accepting your resignation (it was a 5 minutes and very pleasant chat in my case). In about 1 or 2 days you will be contacted by the fleet secretary to collect and sign a copy of the “resignation acceptance letter”, this letter will state the last day of work and any training bond deductions you own. The acceptance of you resignation will trigger some processes inside the company which you should be aware of, staff travel tickets can no longer be payed by salary deduction (you can still pay with credit/debit card or cash) and no HR letters may no longer be be issued (salary, employment, embassy, etc…). So if you need any of those make sure you issue and collect them before submitting your resignation.

* A couple of days after your resignation is accepted an ISP withdraw package will arrive on your e-mail. You will need to fill it out the forms, provide copies of the listed documents and most important the clearance letter from the bank, also a proof of address in Qatar, that can be an electricity bill or a letter from the company (the problem is that no HR letter can not be issued after your resignation request), in my case since I was on company accommodation HR waved the proof of address. The email asks you to deliver the form at Tower 3 as soon as possible but I did that a week before my last day of work since I had to wait for my bank clearance letter, I feel that doing it earlier won’t expedite the payment once everything can only be processed after the final settlement. If you have trouble filling out the form the lady in HR responsible for the ISP is very helpful, you can go there with a blank form and she will guide you on how to fill some confusing information. Just make sure you have a copy of all required documents.

* All my unpublished leaves were canceled, including the one within the 3 months notice period. Those days were latter payed to me as working days on the final settlement. I was never asked if I wanted to have those leaves canceled or not, so I’m not sure if that’s an option.

* My initial plan was to be repatriated not to my home country but to somewhere else. I was informed that it would be possible depending o management approval based on a valid reason (as expected simply "because it is my life" was not enough of a reason). I submitted my request along with some support documentation but unfortunately until my last day of work I was not provided with an answer, so I decided to follow standard procedure and be sent to my home country and used one of the ID90 to relocate to my final place. If that’s part of your plan you might have a better luck than I did.

* During the 3 months noticed period you will carry your normal duties. Bidding system, staff travel and all other company “systems” will be available as normal, except what I mentioned above.

* If you have a car it must be sold before your final clearance is processed, that’s one day before you leave the country when your RP is cancelled. If you financed your car, payed in full already and never asked the bank to transfer the full ownership to you, chances are you won’t be able to sell it before requesting the bank to release the loan. To do that just contact your bank manager and ask them to process the mortgage release. Once it’s done good luck selling your car for a fair price!lol Transferring car ownership is done via Metrash and costs 200QAR, the buyer will probably want you to transfer the insurance as well, this is done by both of you going to an insurance company booth at any mall carrying the Qatari ID and car licence. Notice once again that if the bank never processed the mortgage release the license card will have a note in arabic stating that and you won’t be able to transfer the insurance until a new license is issued by the traffic department.

* After your last flight you can start working on the separation process, company usually provides 4 to 5 days off before your last day of work. If you are in company accommodation you must put a request with the property manager to conduct a preliminary inventory inspection, he will check on every item and provide you with a bill if anything is broken or missing. In my case I was only charged for a cracked fridge tray (100QAR). You pay directly to him and in return he will provide a clearance form to be carried with you on your “clearance run”.

* This is an important note, up to one day before your last working day you will be able to login to staff travel. At midnight of you second to last working day all your passwords stop working and you will be locked out of the system. So remember those ID90 and ZED you were entitled and can be used up to one year (3 months for ZED) after you leave the company? They all must be issued before that… do not leave this for the last day. These ID90 must be issued before the last day of work. About these tickets, you will not get any refund (cancelation or downgrade) after the final settlement but I was told dates can be changed by calling Staff Travel or any QR tickets sales office. (Update: Me and my family used them all and changing dates were easily done via e-mail [email protected])

* After your last flight up to your last day of work you can go ahead with your final clearance “run”. It all starts at QROC flee manager office, along with your acceptance of resignation letter you received a form to be filled out by each department. On this day take your tablet with you, uniform, that key we use to open the EFB storage, token, badge, passport and whatever else you’ve got from the company (QCAA licences were not held but I was asked to return the LVO card and the crew member certificate).

* It is not on the check list but I started my clearance “run” by stamping my logbook. I have an electronic one so what I did was to e-mail [email protected] asking for my total flying hours with the company, then I did some adjustments and printed it out. So before heading to the fleet manager office I stopped by the logbook lady.

* As I said "clearance run” begins at the fleet manager office, you will be asked to return your tablet and key to library, LVO card and the crew member certificate to licensing and return to the office for the fleet manger to sign the form.

* From there you can head to Tower 3, you don’t necessarily need to follow the steps on the form, but returning your uniform first will make things easier. Stop at housing to surrender the accommodation clearance form, IT to return token and have internet cancelled, security to surrender your badge, staff travel to request any ticket refund and the last final clearance steps are done on the ground floor where along with the form all departments already signed you will leave your passport with them

* If everything goes well they will provide you with a repatriation date and ask you to come back in two days to get you passport back, sign your final settlement, etc…

* Just before leaving tower 3 you will be asked to stop at Staff Travel again and book you repatriation ticket. I did not ask for cargo allowance so what I got was two bags of 32kg each and additional 10kg, total of 74kg. Note that no bag may weight more than 32kg, but as long as the total weight remains bellow 74kg you can take 3 bags or additional volumes.

* 2 days later (one day before your departure) you must go back to tower 3 and “exchange” your Qatari ID for your passport, cancelation of the Qatari ID costs QAR400. A final settlement will be presented to you and you must indicate an account of your choice to have it deposited (can be one in Doha or anywhere else), I was told it will take two weeks to process the payment because some deductions like electricity can not be predicted. Also de value of your EOSB is calculated and if you hold ISP this will be used to decide which one will be payed to you. In my case ISP was 29% higher than the EOSB. Basically you come out of there empty hands with the promise of receiving a deposit within a few weeks, this deposit will also include your last salary, so don’t count with it until then. But you will feel extremely lighter on this day... time to celebrate!

* Just before leaving my accommodation I scheduled a final inventory inspection with AKG management on the day before, he came the night before my departure, since my flight was early morning I gave him the keys to the flat and agreed to leave the doors unlocked. I left some stuff behind to be donated and he also agreed to take care of it.

* You must make to the airport by your own means, and from there it’s standard confirmed tickets procedure on the checkin desk.

I hope this will help people to avoid some mistakes I did for not having a clear picture of the separation process, please note that I have no dependents and stayed in company accommodation, so I’m not really sure how things work regarding cancellation of family RP, school allowance and living outside company accommodation.

Once again thank you for all the help I always got from this group, if you find this information useful feel free to pass it ahead.

Best regards and safe flights!

UPDATE1: My ISP was deposited 6 days after my final settlement and the value was pretty much the same shown on the ISP website with no deductions. Still waiting for my last salary to be deposited.

UPDATE2: Final settlement was payed one and a half week later on the indicated account.

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