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Game On!!!!

Popping my head up again.

The GoFundMe is up and running again, after an administrative delay that was a result of my reluctance to move any funds into my own account. With some exceptional support from GoFundMe, we are up and running.Thanks again for the support.

The background work has begun, and immediately on achieving the goal I will move to stage one and see if I have a valid basis for a claim. Ultimately it is the CASA Board that is accountable for the conduct of the personnel within CASA and that is clearly stated on their website;

“CASA BoardThe CASA Board is appointed by the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport. The Board is responsible for deciding the objectives, strategies and policies to be followed by CASA and for ensuring that CASA performs its functions in a proper, efficient and effective manner.”

I have met with the Chair of the CASA Board, and there can be no doubt that they have been fully briefed by me on the topic. The Chair has enough information to determine if the Board will stand behind the

Aviation Group-Executive Manager
Executive Manager- Regulatory Services and Surveillance
Regional Manager
Flight Operations Inspector

The Board has obviously elected to support the four personnel against

The Ministers Statement of Expectations.
CASAs Regulatory Philosophy
Administrative Law
The PGPA Act
decency and ethics
My allegations of unlawful conduct i.e. Regional Manager directing my Employer to cease my employment based on my public comments which have been restricted to Prune.

Well, that time is coming. We will find out if im just some little pain in the arse, or am I the victim of gross malpractice. The opportunity approaches for those four CASA personnel to defend their conduct, and for the Minister and Board to stand behind those personnel.

I cannot wait for the opportunity for both sides to present their case.

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