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Originally Posted by yap800 View Post
Do pilots pay their for their own hotels when staying away from base location?
Do pilots pay to stay at "Base" or stay for free? Pay a subsidised amount?
At homebase (gateway) I of course pay for my own house. At aircraft base (on duty) the company provides accomodation
Or does "Base" Just mean where the airline has based them and where they are renting a house?
This is where the pilot has signed up to start his work duties.
What kind of food allowance do they get etc
Per diem (allowance) is paid while on duty. 100-125Euros/day
Rating renewals/ extra training costs etc
Company pays, including all other costs related to this.
or other things I may not have though of.
Pension, insurance, etc.

Of course this varies from airline to airline but what is usually the case in europe in airlines such as Ryanair EasyJet Wizz etc
The answers are provided above. Cheers.

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