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Parliament is fine, it's the present Parliamentarians that need 'reform'.

And they have blocked the opportunity for us to do that in a General Election -- twice. They recognise a gravy train when they're on one and don't want to allow us the opportunity to get them off it.

In chess stalemate is the end of a game and a new one has to be started. The same should apply with this Parliament and we should start a new one -- through a General Election.

I know that Cornish Jack is very vocal about his want for PR, but it is entirely 'party list' dominated with all the corrupt practices that that brings and the 'stamping out' of individualism. I had a vote in a PR system once where one of the candidates supported my view point on an important (to me) topic perfectly but his party's policy on that topic was the opposite, so I was forced to vote for another party. (I was pleased that he did get in and contacted him to say as much -- his answer was that the PR system has its obvious faults). I also know of a constituency MP ('orange' party) who got in in a very 'blue' party area because he was a good candidate and he was so good as a local MP that he got in election after election until he retired, then the 'blue' party took the seat back. That individual quality would be squashed in a PR system that has no place for individuals and all the emphasis on 'party'. MPs in a PR system have more excuse to hide away from their electorate than MPs in a constituency based system and I would not trust them.
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