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Originally Posted by flyfan View Post
And there are plenty of guys coming from other airlines: As I said, Air Berlin, Germania
It must be a great job if people are leaving these two airlines to join.

Originally Posted by midnight cruiser
or refuse to do extra sectors because, well, you just don't feel like it,
Thankfully in the real world, we have things called "rostering agreements", that prevent the company from adding an extra 6 hours to the end of your day whenever they feel like it.

Come on, the day to day can be fun if you're with the right person, but that's the same at any company. Let's be realistic, it's an awful place to be. A toxic company with bullying from the top down, everybody is in it for themselves. How effective was the last Ryanair strike? Completely useless, as there's plenty of people willing to throw their hands up and volunteer to trudge across Europe on three jumpseat flights just to say they helped the company out.

The 5/4 roster is great, if you want to spend your retirement in a box in the ground. Five 4-sector days in a row is not sustainable for a 30+ year career.

Job satisfaction is key, and if you enjoy working for Ryanair then that's great and nobody can take that away from you. But let's be real, they're bottom feeding bullies single-handedly dragging down T&Cs across the industry. The fact that it seems outrageous to decline extra sectors given to you as you taxi onto stand shows you everything about the culture of the airline, and the fear they've successfully installed within their spineless workforce.

Just my opinion of course.
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