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Well if it makes you feel better sky flyer, I'm more with you than the same old detractors of Ryanair. I find the day to day work environment pleasant, and the roster is good, the pay ok (but falling behind). It's rubbish to say there's pressure to fly with less fuel than you're comfortable with (infact, I see people talking far more extra fuel at Ryanair than I have seen at previous companies. A few captains who have been on the upper outliers have been asked to explain their fuel decision making in Dublin, but SFAIAA; without sanction, and likewise, delays [even ones caused by the crew] are regarded pragmatically by the company. Some base captains are more active on follow up than others, but a good captain will have the courage of their convictions and be able to fully justify their decision making, and that will be the end of that). Silly and immature behaviour does get rightly stamped on - for example, if you publicly state you're going to deliberately fly at low level to burn extra fuel and piss off the company... or refuse to do extra sectors because, well, you just don't feel like it, - then you can expect to be called in to do a carpet dance in Dublin! Feelings of morale and job security have taken a definite downturn recently, (and job applications a definite upturn!) but if you can avoid reading all the silly forums, discussion groups and memos, then you and I would plod along, quite happily as we always did.

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